30-Day Wellness Challenge

September feels like a good time to get back to a routine. I thought it would be fun to mix things up and get our little internet community involved in a 30-day wellness challenge.

30-Day Wellness Challenge

My goal is for you to move your body more this month. This challenge is going to be easy enough where you can complete the challenge every day.

It is difficult enough so that you will need to be intentional with your efforts.

Since we are more than just our physical beings, we are going to expand our challenge into a wellness effort-with BINGO!

Get the details of the fitness challenge below and be sure to download your FREE BINGO card and workout tracker.

I’ll be going live on the Revolution RD Facebook page each Sunday night. We can share our successes and what we’ve learned during the week. Plus, you get access to me to ask questions.

“Extra 2K Per Day” Fitness Challenge

2K can mean an extra 2,000 steps per day. For example, if you currently average 8,000 steps per day, I want you to get 10,000.

You can also interpret 2K as an extra mile. It doesn’t have to be walking a mile all at one time. Perhaps you get a half mile in the morning and half mile in the evening.

Lastly, you can interpret 2k as the time equivalent to walking a mile, or approximately 20 minutes. You can add 20 minutes to your routine of walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, elliptical, etc.

What if I don’t exercise regularly?

That is okay. If you don’t exercise at all, first, let’s get approval from your physician to exercise. Next, a great goal would be 2,000 steps or 20 minutes of exercise.

Walking is a great place to start!

How can I track my 2K fitness challenge?

If you have a wearable that tracks steps such as a FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or another device, feel free to continue to track your steps daily.

I highly recommend downloading the 30-Day Wellness Challenge BINGO sheet. Print it and check the boxes each day. There really is something satisfying by placing a checkmark for each completed task.

30-Day Wellness Challenge BINGO

We can challenge ourselves and have a little fun this month. See if you can complete the monthly BINGO challenge. Stop by the Facebook Page each Sunday and share your successes with me.

BINGO will enter you into a drawing for some fun prizes. Blackout BINGO gets you a free coaching session with me so you can continue your amazing wellness journey.

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