Hi, I'm Shannan.

 I am your longevity dietitian. I revolutionize how people achieve optimal health using intermittent fasting, fitness, stress, and sleep.

I’m glad you’re here.

I want you to feel confident making choices for your health. My vision when I started the blog was to make the latest research and practices to promote longevity achievable for you.

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Shannan Bergtholdt, MS Ed, RD

Longevity Expert.

Registered Dietitian

After 16 years as a dietitian, I can still say that nutrition is my first love. It fascinates me how we can adjust what, how much, and when we eat to dramatically change our health.

Fitness professional

Less than a year after becoming a dietitian, I found my second love of fitness at a personal training certification course. I then went on to complete my Master’s in Exercise Science and Wellness.


Coaching is where expertise and accountability get you results. I love witnessing my clients move toward their goals and gain confidence by taking small steps for themselves and their families.

Why Longevity?

Better Health Today

I believe, and research shows, that the steps you take to lose weight and reverse metabolic disease today are the same steps that help you live a longer life.

Better Health for Life

I’m not interested in a decade of decline at the end of my life. I want to feel good and be active for years, which is why I also focus on healthspan.


Practice what I Coach

I created the longevity method based on my own personal need. I used intermittent fasting, exercise, stress, and sleep habits to turn my mental and physical health around.

Veteran and Military Spouse

My family’s military life is one of constant change and sacrifice. But, it’s also a life of loyalty and service. It’s that same spirit that I bring to coaching.

Authenticity over Perfection

When we work together, whether it’s on the blog, on social media, or in person, I’ll show up as me. I’m not helping you if I’m not speaking from a place of truth.

Living that Mom Life

When I’m not coaching or writing, you can find me doing typical mom stuff. I’ll be walking the dog, doing laundry, wondering what’s for dinner, you know, all the parenting things.

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