Women’s Health Matters: 7 (realistic) ways to put your health first

Women’s health matters. And yet, as women, we are constantly caring for others, putting the needs of work or family ahead of our own.

Ladies, this week I am sharing my top 7 steps to put your health first. Gentleman, this article is also for you if there is a woman in your life that you care about.

Step 1: Choose more foods that nourish than not.

When the days are long and time is tight, meal planning can feel like an overwhelming task. When you find yourself having a day like this, don’t feel discouraged by all the things you “should” be eating. Instead, ask yourself, “did I choose more foods that nourish me than not?”.

If the answer is ‘yes,’ you’re doing alright. If the answer is ‘no,’ please know that no single day will derail all of your other healthful habits.

Step 2: Move your body more.

Weren’t able to get a workout in during the day? It’s alright, there are many ways you can move your body more. Can you take a brisk walk at lunch? I’ve started going for a quick walk with my kids on their school lunch break and it’s a nice way to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.

Can you take a brief stretch break at the top of the hour during the day? Stretch your shoulders and hips if you’ve been sitting for long periods.

Step 3: Assess your space.

Is your workspace continually cluttered? Can you see a cluttered space in the background on your video conference? This can amplify feelings of stress and disorganization.

If you can’t clear a space to work during the day, can you turn your computer screen so that you are just seeing a wall behind you instead of the whole room?

Step 4: Find a gratitude practice.

Brené Brown says that when you are actively expressing gratitude, you cannot experience other emotions simultaneously.

Your gratitude practice doesn’t need to be lengthy. You could try a 5 minute gratitude journal at the end of the day.

A couple years ago, I started doing “3 good things” with my son at night. I tell him 3 “good” things I observed him doing during the day. This simple exercise helped me to remember that on the days when I felt like I was drowning and I can’t think of obvious good things, there is always something to feel grateful for, and it helps him too.

Step 5: Don’t ignore a pain.

I know that quarantine life has affected our access to health care providers. I’m here to remind you to not ignore a chronic or nagging pain. I’m taking my own advice and scheduled my mammogram and dermatology appointments this week.

Delaying seeking help doesn’t make the problem go away.

Step 6: Set the stage for better sleep.

Whether or not our children or pets wake us up in the middle of the night is outside of our control. However, there are steps that we can take each day to set the stage for good quality sleep that we are able to get.

Today, you can start by doing something simple. Turn half of the overhead lights down 2 hours before bed. You can also turn down the temperature in the room.

Step 7: Is your plan working for you or are you working for it?

Are you twisting yourself into knots trying to make a plan work for you? That’s not how things are supposed to work. A good, sustainable plan should feel right and easier because it works with your lifestyle. Not the other way around.

Are you ready to find a plan that is right for you? Join me! Grab your free preview session. Ask me your questions. Enrollment is open for the MyRevolution Group Program. Six weeks of live coaching with me, all the access of private coaching at half the cost. Details HERE.

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